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In 1999 it was predicted that offline businesses who wanted to continue to be successful would need an online presence. 15 years later and that statement proved to be correct. The online environment is changing, with more and more people using their smartphones and “apps” to get what they need, you have to find your customers, clients of patients where they are; on their mobile phones!

That’s why at Best Local Apps Div of Netwide Webs LLC we are dedicated to creating AFFORDABLE mobile apps that cater to local businesses like yours!

With the power of reaching your followers 100% of the time, right on their phones, you can take your communications to a level very few have been able to pay for in the past. Thanks to new software breakthroughs, any company can now have that level of interactivity and professionalism and grow their businesses to levels they never thought possible, almost on demand!

Check out some of the WOW-FACTOR FEATURES we offer (below) and think of the benefits these functions will bring your clients, and how you can scale and grow your business!

7 Reasons Why A Mobile App Can Improve Your Business

Reason One - Customer Visibility

The number one reason is when someone installs your mobile app on their phone, YOU are visible to that customer at all times. How do you get them to know about and download your app? Easy! Offer it on your website as a free download, and mention WHY they would want it: so they can see the newest cars you get on your lot, the greatest new hairdos your salon offers, a special price-break this Friday on a meal, listing of new inventory as it arrives, to let them know of a famous artist or author who is stopping by on Sunday, or almost anything that interests your clients. Just bribe them to get them to download the app, if necessary! Yep, Bribe! How? Well, suppose you are a carpet cleaner and you just cleaned carpets. You could tell them client about your app, and offer them 10% off if they give you a good Google review AND download your app. Once they have your app on their phone, you can communicate coupons, offers and other information periodically to stay in touch. Suppose you need a lot of money in the next 2 weeks before you leave on vacation; just send out a push notification (which of course we train you to easily do) and offer a special Leaving-on-Vacation-Deal that makes your phone ring off the hook for 2 weeks!

Suppose you are a car dealer and someone visits your website or calls to inquire about inventory. Talk them into downloading your app, then you can keep them updated about your inventory as it changes. Say you get in 3 different used vehicles today–send a notification so ALL your app-holders get a notification. The VERY audience you want to appeal to are the people who are in the market. So MARKET  to them relentlessly until they buy from you. Then, once they find and buy a vehicle (hopefully from you) if they keep the app, you can send weekly push notifications with specials for your shop, such as discounted oil changes, coupons for tires, you can offer loyalty programs for oil changes, such as buy 6, get one free, and have the app take care of  it all!

Reason Two - Direct Contact With Your Customer

It creates a direct form of marketing with the user. Now with an app you can have so many different options on it from general info about your business prices, booking forms, loyalty cards and coupons. If you also run a blog you can publish your latest blog feeds onto your app.

But one of the biggest benefits of all is that you can contact your customers directly on their mobile phone–instantly– with special promotions that you’re running, maybe coupons that you’ve created or a new loyalty card offer.

With push notifications it actually gives you an instant direct form of contact that can always be used as a little reminder to plant seeds in your customers’ minds about the products and services that your business offers.

Start using this powerful communication tool today!

Reason Three - Coupons & Loyalty Cards

There are countless businesses these days who run loyalty card programs that use snail mail, coupons, offers sent in the newspapers, sale bills, etc. And granted it’s still effective but ask yourself how many of these offers YOU have started, then lost your punch card or coupon. We all do!

I simply forget to bring the coupons with me to the shop. (I never forget to bring my phone out with me though) Now with an app you can digitalize all this by having the loyalty card within the app, and of course you can also have the coupons within the app. And not only that, by harnessing the power of push notifications you can send a message making people aware of this.

A push notification message to users of your app remind them constantly that there is a loyalty card, a coupon, and easy booking system, or whatever applies to your company–right on their phone! So when it’s time for them to purchase the service you offer, they are MORE likely to remember your company.

You can even offer an offer to people who AT THE TIME OF YOUR NOTIFICATION are within a certain number of miles of your business. Say you had an event and you have some barbecue left over, or you had a sale and you are closing in 20 minutes and want to sell out before you close, just send a notification that ONLY applies to those who are within a few miles AT THAT VERY MOMENT! How cool is that!

Reason Four - Branding & Recognition

The next major point: it’ helps you build branding recognition with your customers.  You can use your company logo, you can take your company colors and we can create an app where customers get value out of having your app on their phone, so they keep it long-term.

Now there are so many different sectors and businesses that can benefit from this app… an example would be hair salon, and probably your business category, too. You could take photos of some of your clients haircuts that you’ve done and you can post it onto your mobile app. Or you could show furniture arrangements you’ve put together if you are a furniture store. Or designs you’ve installed in homes if you are an interior decorator. Or outfits you have available if you are a clothing store. Shoes that just arrived………….it is endless! Many, many businesses can offer their customers relevant, useful content on an app that the customers can download and use, and of course by which you the business owner can use to communicate with that customer, to keep them as a repeat customer for years to come!

Your company offering a free app for customers to use shows you care about customer service and that you are willing to spend a lot of money (in the customers’ minds, and we won’t tell them they are actually inexpensive!) to help them stay in the loop with your business.


Reason Five - Customer Engagement

It does not matter what you’re selling. You could be selling floors, physiotherapy, coffee, lunch menus and lunch deals at restaurants, dental treatment, styling, home decor…  if your users have a way to get the same end result without having to pick up the phone and call you, then it’s going to improve your business.

Let’s say for example, they want to make a booking for a restaurant or they want to make a booking for a massage. Well, then, they can just open up the app on your phone, enter in their booking, select the date, select the time and then they can make that appointment, all without having to pick up the phone. So that’s the level of customer engagement that you want.

Maybe you’ve got some new product lines in; well, you can add them to your catalog. People can open up your app, look at your catalog and they can make an appointment to come in. Maybe you’ve got a real estate app and people are looking for properties in a certain area. Or you’ve got an auto car dealership or you sell parts for mountain biking, road biking. So that just creates a better level of engagement with your customer.

If you would like to use any of the common appointment-setting features from your industry, we can integrate that into your app!

Reason Six - Staying Ahead Of The Competition

History shows that offline businesses took a lot longer to get online than what they should have. And the ones who got online first actually got a big jump ahead of their competitors. The mobile apps base is exactly the same. Anyone who runs an offline business, and they’ve done so for a long time, or they’re aware of other people in that particular space, they’ll know that they need a website.

The fact is the MAJORITY of your customers read and research a lot of their information online… the statistics show that the largest percentage of people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet.

A mobile app is exactly the same concept and it’s growing. So now not only do businesses need a website they also need an app. It just gives you multiple channels to be able to communicate with your customer. The MAJOR benefit of a mobile app is you have the ability you contact your customers at any time.

Of course, apps were always $10,000 or maybe much more, until now. With our current custom app special pricing, ANY and ALL businesses can afford their own app.

Get a huge jump on your competitors: get your app NOW! Let us build an app for you to review for your company. If you like it, you can keep it. If not, no hard feelings! We believe that if we build and show you and app for your business,and go over EXACTLY how you can use the app to engage your customers, you will want to take advantage of our special offer. Let’s at least discuss it.

Reason Seven - Creating Loyalty With Your Customer

Think about how much advertising the average person must see in a day; whether it be TV advertising, bill boards they drive past, bus stops and benches, newspapers, mailers, Facebook news feed….. When they search Google or on websites they visit with banner ads; coupons in the mail, etc.. It’s a lot of space to compete with! So when you try to advertise you’re going to slowly… unless you’re right on the ball–well, you’ll lose… you’ll begin to lose your impact with your customers. Unless……..they have your app.

If they have your app on their phone, you don’t need to compete with everyone else. You don’t need to compete with anyone else with newspaper ads, billboards, Facebook ads; TV, radio or any other medium. For that customers,  you have your own little space on their phone; your app. So you have a huge advantage over your competitors and your customers carry it in their pocket where you’re able to communicate with them directly at any point.

So when you’re running an offer, rather than relying on them to look at your fan page or visit your website to see what offer it is you’re running; you can just send the push notification which will alert that user to that offer. So there’s no competing with anyone and you will most assuredly continue to build more and more repeat business.

In App Screenshots

Powerful Mobile App Features


Perfect to get feedback and reviews from your customers. A great way to improve your service and build a relationship with your customers


Publish coupons direct to your app and let your customers know about special offers you are running. Great way to ensure you keep getting returning customers

Loyalty Cards

YES! You can have loyalty cards for YOUR business in your mobile app. Loyalty cards are a proven marketing strategy to increase return business

Exquisite Design

Showcase your branding & logo directly onto your customers smartphone. Your apps will look super professional and impress all your new and old customers.

Push Notifications

INSTANTLY contact all customers who have installed your app by sending out a push notification. Great for special offers, events and everything else to drive customers back to your business.

You can send out a push notification based on the their current location… for example.. contact people who are within 3 miles of your store.


You can showcase your business via video galleries or image galleries from within your own mobile app

Click To Call

Users can call your company with the click of a button on their phone

Social Intergration

Integrate all your social media profiles directly into your app. A great way to keep your business where it matters most… in front of your customers

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I absolutely love how my app has gave me the ability to contact my customers with special offers... instantly
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Being able to share my app with my customers has brought in a ton of repeat business for me. The coupons, loyalty card and push notification features are fantastic
Sanda Rossel Beauty Salon
Being able to have my e-commerce store within an app in the Google Play & Apple app store has increased by sales dramatically
John Morgan E-Commerce Store

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